Monster Cookies

Delivery Method - Pax2 Vaporizer

Effects - The smoke on this was easy and good for multiple in-a-row sessions. I wouldn't say this strain hit that hard but it was a very nice mellow feeling for me. I felt a little floaty at times and also heavy. It controlled sweat relatively well and the effects were mellow enough for regular use. I still can't determine what about it doesn't make it quite perfect for a go to strain, but it will still be in my mind if nothing else is available. Hard to imagine that being an issue in a medical/recreational state though. I would recommend this to folks needing this for sweat control, especially if you're starting. 

THC - 22%

Duration- Kicked in about 10 minutes and lasted 1 hour

Sweat Control - 7

Dispensary - Eaze

Link -

99 Monster Cookies.jpeg