Obama Kush

Delivery Method - Pax2 Vaporizer

Effects - This strain smokes like Blueberry YumYum but just a tad more harsh. I felt a body high and a slight head high, but it was mostly body. I felt light in the body and very chill on this strain. The next day however I felt grumpy, moody and displaced. I tried this strain a few more times after to conclude if it was due to the strain or my mood and had the same experience every time. As for the sweat control, that was an 8 but due to the after effects I won't be smoking this again.

THC - 24.3

Duration - Kicked in around 10 minutes and last 1hr 45 minutes

Sweat Control - 8

Dispensary - BloomRoom SF

Link - https://www.leafly.com/indica/obama-kush