Korova Lemon Poppy Mini Cookies

Delivery Method - Edibles

Effects - These cookies were small but decently sized, however they were a bit dry. I ate 15-20mgs of cookie and the effects started at the usual 1hr 20min. The effects are felt in the face but leave me clear and operational. However, eventually I would be a little anxious and paranoid about things. It also made time go by very slow, which is where I got anxious about how long we'd been somewhere, or if we're running behind on something. The sweat control was good and it lasted about 2 hours though, which is good. I would say to give these a try for sweat as everyone is different and reacts differently so you may not have the anxiousness or paranoia.


Duration - Kicked in 1hr 20m and lasted about 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 7

Dispensary - Eaze

Link - http://www.korovaedibles.com/edibles/

123 Korova Mini Hybrid.jpeg