Select Elite Acapulco Gold

Delivery Method - Vaporizer

Effects - This is the first Select cartridge I have tried and they infuse terpenes in here it seems. This is definitely different than anything else I have tried, not that I am a big consumer of these in the first place though. This is way more flavorful and tastes pretty nice. I will say that because of the terpenes, its a little harsher in the sense that it seems to really infilitrate your senses/lungs, or maybe I'm just not quite up to par. The effects hit really fast and seemed to take effect in about 7 minutes or so. You definitely feel the energy from this strain and I feel it primarily in the face and eyes. This strain makes you feel like doing anything. Everytime I've tested it, I want to "do" something, anything just as long as we're moving and having fun. For sweat control, it doesn't do jack from my testing. I mean, at best it lasted 20 minutes before going away. So I guess if I were at home and need to get something done, this is exactly what I'd need. I don't care if I am sweating in the comfort of my own place.


Duration - Kicked in 7 minutes and lasted 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 2

Dispensary - Eaze

Link -

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