KindCaps (Indica)

Delivery Method - Pill

Effects - Took 1/2 of a pill, not a full one after eating my only meal of the day. Took exactly 5 hours to kick in. Edibles usually take me 2 hours so this is really delayed. Extreme dry mouth, and stuffy nose immediately. Eyesight is crossed and my overall body feels like it's in a thick fog. My legs feel so tingly and fleeting. Lots of random thoughts and creativity. Music and sounds are awesome. Creative, laughing, funny and hungry about an hour in. About 2 hours later I'm feeling light headed and sense of balance is off. Eyes blood shot badly, think rage zombies. Felt relaxed and well rested the next day. I had to try harder to multi-task throughout the next day. 

Duration - Edibles typically take 2 hours to kick in for me consistently. This was super delayed and I am not sure why. It kicked in 5 hours later and lasted 3-4 hours.

Sweat Control - 7

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