G Krush

Delivery Method - Pax2 Vaporizer

Effects - I bought this at a Portland dispensary called Serra on my trip. It provided a light high for me mostly in the body and not much in the head. I couldn't find a link to this strain online which is a first. The body last for about an hour and the sweat control was about a 7-8 while it lasted. The smoke wasn't harsh and tasted a little like fruity and pine. I have no idea of the lineage or if it's a Hybrid or Indica, but leaning towards Indica. Overall, I would probably get something else if I wanted more of the effects, but for sweat control it would be a decent medium.


Duration - Kicked in 12 minutes and last about 1 hour

Sweat Control - 7-8

Dispensary - Serra

Link - NA

103 G Krush.jpeg