Khandahar Kush

Delivery Method - Pax2 Vaporizer

Effects - This strain burns really slowly which is nice and the taste was alright, nothing special. The high firsts hits behind your eyes with a dense sensation. The high then comes through in the body. This seems to control sweat, but not consistently during my testing. I would sometimes smoke this and it would work for 1-2 hours, but other times no control for sweat at all. I can't attribute this to the grower though, as it could be my body/tolerance perhaps. This was a nice strain though, and I didn't experience anything odd the next day after heavy use. I really dislike the ones that make you feel groggy, sluggish or like you're having an "off" day. This was not one of them.


Duration - Kicked in around 10 minutes, last 1-2 hours inconsistently.

Sweat Control - 6

Dispensary - Goddess Delivers

Link -