Fruit Slab OG Mango

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - I experienced inconsistent high with these even when using the same dosages. Sometimes I wouldn't feel anything at all and didn't notice any sweat control. The other times, the high came on like any other edible high or smoke but dissipated quickly, about 30 minutes. The fruit slabs didn't seem to control my sweat either which I was surprised as OGs are usually decent for me. It also didn't matter if I increased the dosage either it just didn't really work well overall. The taste of these were pretty decent but nothing to write home about.

THC - 100mg total

Duration - Kicked in 1 hour 20 mins but last only 30 minutes.

Sweat Control - 5

Dispensary - Eaze

Link -

109 Fruit Slabs OG Mango.jpeg