Fruit Slab Grandaddy Grape

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - The effects of these ones were better and I felt really relaxed and good. The next day I felt out of it and a little groggy, as if I had a long night. This didn't control sweat well at all and I can't really see myself using these for my purpose again. I like the concept of a fruit rollup like edible and it would be easier if it were in that form maybe in pre-cut sections. That would be a really convenient design and I think would have been better than a slab. The slab was not pre-cut so you need to section off your dosages, and with a sticky substance like this can be quite messy. Just like the OG Mango one, this just isn't for me.

THC - 100mg total

Duration - Kicked in 1 hour 20 mins but last only 30 minutes.

Sweat Control - 5

Dispensary - Eaze

Link -

110 Fruit Slabs Grandaddy Grape.jpeg