Delivery Method - Oil 

Effects - The convenience of this device is quite awesome. It does exactly what it says, it's discreet, no on/off button to play with.. simply put it up to your mouth, puff until it vibrates and you're done. The taste is citrusy to me and doesn't leave a weird film like taste in your mouth like most oils do (in my experience.) As for sweat control, it didn't offer any which is unfortunate. I was really hoping to use this as my go to and help me precisely determine the amount I need to smoke to control sweat. Since it didn't control sweat well, I figured maybe it would be a nice recreational device here and there. Unfortunately, it takes me about 5-6 hits in order for me to feel high and that is not cost effective.

When the high did kick in, I was pretty forgetful, and easily distracted and left in a wandering state. I felt like I was drunk as I mostly felt a face high but I will also say that it did make me a bit "handsy" with my girl.  Even after repeated use, this formula always did the same thing over and over again. I think this is for the occasional user and not meant for more active users with higher tolerances. Overall, it's not for me, but its for the targeted crowd they're going for, it's perfect.


Duration - 1-2 hours (high effect) 

Sweat Control - 0

Dispensary - Harborside

Link -

107 HMBLDT Passion.jpeg