KIVA Blueberries

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - I gave this brand a try again after lack luster experience with the espresso beans. The espresso bean batch must have been a bad one as I felt no effects but did with these. In about 1 1/2 hours I felt a head and body high. It was pretty intense as I took 2 beans to start with and am still new to edibles as of (January 2016). I have been mainly taking these edibles now for close to 5 months and I did develop a tolerance for them. I currently (May 2016) take 3 at a time and don't really get any "effects" but it still controls sweat very well (8 out of 10). I also tried the espresso beans again and they work just as well, I just prefer the taste of blueberries.

THC - Roughly 5mg per bean

Duration - Kicks in about 1 1/2 hours and lasts 2 hours

Sweat Control - 8

Dispensary - Amsterdam's Garden

Link -