IncrediMeds Banana Chocolate

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - There is no taste of any medicinal cannabis in this when eating and it tastes like just a really good piece of chocolate. The bananas were a bit chewy and stuck to the teeth but not a big deal either way. The high was felt in the body with a relaxing feeling, wanting to chill out and not do much. I also felt a head high, which was stronger than the body feeling. It didn't make me want to go and do things though, my face felt like I had drank and I was pretty happy just doing whatever or nothing. I was expecting the effects to be more upbeat, but not a problem unless that is what you were using them for. The sweat control seemed to be there as well and last for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Repeat use throughout the day didn't leave me feeling groggy or weird later or the next morning. Overall, this was a nice and I would get it again.

THC - 10mg per dose

Duration - 1-2 hours (high effect) & 1 hour for sweat control

Sweat Control - 6

Dispensary - Green Cross

Link -

112 IncrediMeds Banana.jpeg