Flurish Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - The effects controlled sweat decently and the taste of these were really good. I didn't think it would do much given that the cannabis taste was barely there. I ended up trying half of one and it hit me with some effect and then the next day tried a full piece. That's when it really worked and my body felt really mellow/soft and relaxed. My mind was about the same, but I was still very active and talkative. To be even clearer, I would say the review of the link I posted below is pretty spot on with that persons experience. However, your experience may differ as everyone is different. I should've been quite higher than I was given it was 37.5mg THC compared to the 3-4 Blueberries (Kiva 5mg THC each) but wasn't. It was about the same high, just a different feeling.

THC - 37.5mg THC each

Duration - Kicked in around 45-1hr and last 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 7-8

Dispensary - Airfield Supply

Link - https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/product-review-flurish-cannabis-infused-gummy-edibles