IncrediMeds Toffee Chocolate

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - The time for this to kick in was the same as the banana one. The effects to me also seemed similar to them for some reason, but this one seemed more upbeat. I was relaxed in the body but pretty much still down to go and do things and wanted to do things. It was hard to figure out what to do as I was a bit lost for thoughts while on these. The sweat control was there and lasted just as long as the banana one. I find it really weird that what I felt was the opposite of what I was expecting for both of these. Maybe it was the mood I was in when testing these and it just amplified those moods and has nothing to do with the strains used? As for the taste, again no cannabis taste at all and I actually don't like hard toffee, so I wouldn't get these again. However, if you're looking to try these for sweat, and have a lower tolerance, then these are perfect.

THC - 10mg per dose

Duration - 1-2 hours (high effect) & 1 hour for sweat control

Sweat Control - 6

Dispensary - Green Cross

Link -

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