Kushy Punch Hybrid

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - The taste is a lot stronger than other gummmies I have had in terms of the herbal taste. I believe it's due to the fact that these gummies are very tiny in comparison to others.. the whole thing is about the size of 1 Flurish Gummie as an example. Even though they are small it still does the job and the effects kick in and I usually feel it in the face first. It feels a bit like when alcohol hits your head/face and there is also a body high. It's definitely less intense than taking 5 blueberries (my go to) and is good for when I need a quicker result for sweat control. In terms of sweat control, it worked very well and always seemed to kick in around the same time.

THC - 25mg THC each

Duration - Kicked in around 45-1hr and last 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 7-8

Dispensary - Airfield Supply

Link - https://www.leafly.com/products/details/kushy-punch-kushy-punch-hybrid-100mg-thc-tropical-punch-gummy