Defonce Green Matcha

Delivery Method - Edible

Effects - I'm starting this review by saying that this chocolate tastes really good. It reminds me of the UK chocolate they use over there compared to ours (think Herhseys vs. Green & Blacks). There was no way I could tell that this had been mixed with THC and it just tasted like really good chocolate. I was so surprised I was wondering if I had gotten a batch that wasn't made well or something. Anyways, I took about 2 of these to see how it would feel and the effects really crept up on me. It wasn't a noticeable "Ok, I'm high starting now" and was more of a "oh, this feels nice" and wondering how long I'd be in it's effects.

I will say that this was a pleasant, happy and laid back sort of high. It hits the head and body about the same time and just felt really good. I've been waiting to try these for the longest time and the closest place was up north and I haven't had the time. I'm glad a much closer one started retailing them and am going to be getting these more often. As for sweat control, it did a good job but repeat use seems to dither with stopping sweat. It might be that the strain in it just isn't good for what I need it for. I'll be visiting again to try another flavor to see if there is any difference. 

THC - 10mg THC each

Duration - Kicked in around 1hr 20 minutes and last 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 8 (6-7 after a few repeat use)

Dispensary - Harborside Healthcare San Jose

Link -