Jane's Brew Boost Powder

Delivery Method - Edible 

Effects - I emptied the whole powder dose into some water and the high kicked in pretty hard. The high first hit my face, feeling a bit spacey and my eyes wandered. The high continued into my body but was mostly in the face and head. I did try the powder again during the week and it had little to no effects, which was odd. I'm unsure if it was because I mixed it with hot tea, which turns out doesn't mix that well with hot liquids and seems better with cold. I did however ensure to eat all the powder that clumped together. I did try it again a few more times, and noticed some high effects, but not really good with sweat.No idea if this effected the testing, but this didn't control sweat very well so it doesn't quite matter in my case.

THC - 20mg 

Duration - Kicked in 1hr 20 minutes and last for roughly 2 hours.

Sweat Control - 5

Dispensary - Airfield Supply

Link - http://www.houseofjane.com/#!janes-brew-powders/c221