Dixie Awakening Mints

Delivery Method - Edible 

Effects - This kicked in roughly 55min - 1hr and I felt energetic. I was focused on what I was doing and paid more attention to detail than normal. About another hour into the high and I felt "glowly" and sounds were a bit off (sounds weren't heard from where they were actually coming from). As for the sweat control, it had little effect to control sweat at all. It did kick in faster than most edibles because it's sub-lingual and will say it does what's it's marketed for... "Awakening/Energy"

THC - 10mg 

Duration - Kicked in about 1 hr and last for about an hour and 20.

Sweat Control - 5

Dispensary - Airfield Supply

Link - http://dixieelixirs.com/product/orange-awakening-mints/