CareByDesign 1-1 Pills

Delivery Method - Edibles

Effects - The effects of these were the same for the tincture and I am guessing they use the same oil. This kicked in 1hr 20mins just like usual with me having a great sleep for 2-3 hours and having it feel like 8hrs. You can read the CareByDesign Tincture review for more details if you want. The only difference is that I did try this out for sweat and it seemed to work for about 1 1/2 hours, which isn't bad, but I did feel pretty sleepy. I wouldn't use this out in public given how tired I get. Other than that, this are just as great as the tinctures.

THC - 10mg THC per dose

Duration - Kicked in about 1hr 20min and lasted for 2 hours.

Sweat Control - NA

Dispensary - Elemental Wellness Center

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CareByDesign 1-1 Tincture

Delivery Method - Tincture

Effects - The tincture tastes pretty tasteless and isn't harsh or anything. I typically will leave 20mg/20mg under my tongue for 1-2 minutes, swallow and then wash it down with a drink. This typically kicks in just like an edible and seemed to be consistent after repeat use. I did not test this for sweat control but tested because I heard this can help with soreness and tension. The effects were that it makes me really sleepy and knocks me out for 2-3 hours. When I wake up, I feel like I just had an 8-hour sleep and well rested and ready to do things. When I tested this again, I feel asleep for the same duration every time, really odd. I guess when I have trouble sleeping or need a super power nap, I will use this as it's really great.

THC - 10mg THC/10mg CBD per dose

Duration - Kicked in about 1hr 20min and lasted for 2-3 hours.

Sweat Control - NA

Dispensary - Airfield Supply

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